Veritatis Splendor Charity Fair – the third day, 16.09.2017

The Veritatis Splendor Charity Fair drew not only several dozen charity organisations from all around the world. Missionaries also came to the capital of the Małopolska Voivodeship to provide their services on a daily basis to the farthest reaches of the globe. On Saturday, the third day of the Fair, all of them could be seen in Kraków’s Planty Park, manning their stands at which they presented their organisations, institutions and movements that provide for the others. 

Both the Fair participants and passers-by were curious to hear the stories told by missionaries, eagerly engaging in discussions and sharing their thoughts about involvement in missions and provision of help to the needy.

It does not take much to help others. This was proven by the participants in the charity run that was organised in Wadowice and was one of the events accompanying the Veritatis Splendor Charity Fair held in Kraków on 14–17 September 2017. Each of the entrants arriving at the start line made their own contribution to helping others, since half of the revenues from the run was allocated to charitable purposes.

At 14:00 sharp, 65 runners set off from Wadowice’s market on a 5 km challenge through the same streets that Karol Wojtyła used to walk years ago. The start was signalled by Mr Leszek Zegzda from the Małopolska Voivodeship administration, who less than one hour later presented trophies to the victors at the finish line.

For Adam Jamiński, who arrived first at the finish line, it took 15 min. and 54 sec. to complete the 5-kilometre run. Second to finish was Sławomir Kukuła, for whom it took 17 min. and 27 sec. and third came Tomasz Wójcik who finished the run in 17 min. and 34 sec. Among the women Bogusława Kupczak was the best (clocking: 21 min. and 40 sec), while second came Gabriela Mikulska (22 min. and 41 sec.) and third was Agnieszka Mikulska (22 min. and 52 sec.). After the main run, it was the turn of the 3- to 8-year-old kids; they had to cover a 200m distance in the so-called brownie run.

Each of the runners received an extraordinary starter pack that included: a jersey, a commemorative medal and… a cream puff from Wadowice made world famous by John Paul II. Half of the income from the run was allocated to charitable purposes.

Painting workshops and a location-based game organised within the premises of the Fair by Anna Dymna’s Against the Odds Foundation was yet another occasion for the Fair participants to integrate. Amateur artists created their works under the guiding eye of Mr Jan Bosak, painter and graphics artiSr. Besides traditional painting, workshop participants had the opportunity to try their hands at using other, interesting techniques, including linocutting.

The first Veritatis Splendor Charity Fair was not only about the several dozen charity organisations, conferences, or meetings. Lots of good music was played, too. After the folkloric and highlander music that was heard during the previous two days from Golec uOrkiestra and Trebunie-Tutki, the time was for some completely different genres. On Saturday evening, the stage under the Papal Window at Franciszkańska Street No. 3 was taken by participants in the Rebel Babel project, an international orchestra made up of brass bands. This is an extraordinary music project and a platform for meetings of musicians, songwriters and composers from different regions of Europe. The purpose of the joint project was to create dialogue, combine cultures and styles, professionals and amateurs, plebeianism and futurism. The nearly 100 musicians crowding on the stage under the Papal window were accompanied by: L.U.C, Grubson, Rapsusklei, Promoe and Marcelina.

The most famous address in Poland – Franciszkańska Street No. 3 – changed on Saturday evening beyond recognition. All thanks to the Veritatis Splendor Charity Fair. An extraordinary history was painted in light on the wall of the Bishop’s Palace in Kraków in which a key figure was John Paul II.


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