„Man is great not by reason of what he possesses (…) but by what he shares with others.” Those words of Pope John Paul II spoken in Manila in 1981 became the motto not only for the first edition of Veritatis Splendor Charity Fair, but also for a social campaign #CharityDO which continues the idea of promoting charity in Małopolska, Poland and around the world.

#CharityDO campaign is a natural continuation of promotional and integration activities for members of non-governmental organizations from around the world focused on the mission of helping another human being.

The idea of this campaign is to commonly promote the most important ideas and charity activities run by organizations focused around Veritatis Splendor Charity Fair and Veritatis Splendor Award editions.

The main purpose of #CharityDO social campaign is to integrate charity organizations, help to promote important events and everyday activities in helping another human beings by:

• building a society gathered around #CharityDO Facebook group
• cycle of meetings and courses conducted by campaign ambassadors – public, well known and valued persons which will share their experience in charity.
• mutual exchange of experience and ideas
• strengthening of contacts made during Charity Fair
• informing about possibilities and perspectives for a financial and technical support offered by Malopolska Region for non-governmental organizations
• informing about the most important facts regarding a following edition of Veritatis Splendor Charity Fair

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