III edition of the Veritatis Splendor Award

The Lesser Poland Regional Assembly announces the 3rd edition of the Veritatis Splendor Award, which is awarded for special services in promoting dialogue between cultures.

The Veritatis Splendor Award, known as „the Malopolska Nobel Prize”, is awarded to individuals or institutions who have demonstrated exceptional service in expanding intercultural dialogue in its cultural, social, and interfaith aspects is to recognize and understand the message of St. John Paul II regarding the necessity and desirability of building societies based on intercultural dialogue.

The value of the prize is PLN 450,000, while in a given edition it is possible to award the Prize with up to four winners. Competition entries may be submitted by natural persons, legal persons or other legal entities. The deadline for accepting applications for the Award is August 30, 2020. The date of receipt of the application to the Marshal’s Office of the Lesser Poland Voivodship is decisive.

The applications for the Award are assessed by the Award Committee, which is appointed by the Board of the Małopolska Voivodeship. It consists of representatives of intellectual, social and cultural environments.

The announcement of the next edition of the Award is the implementation of § 2 para. 3, and § 3 para. 4 of the Regulations for the John Paul II Veritatis Splendor international award, adopted by Resolution No. XVI / 207/19 of the Lesser Poland Regional Assembly of December 30, 2019.


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