About Charity Fair

Continuous rush, weakening interpersonal relations, poverty and exclusion – all this makes the world requires more than ever the „imagination of mercy”, which the Holy Father John Paul II so often called for.

Our reply to this call is Veritatis Splendor Charity Fair – first polish event of this kind, thanks to which charity and social organizations from around the world can meet. Despite different languages, experiences they all have one in common – great commitment in helping the needy and trying to change what is not right.

Veritatis Splendor Charity Fair first took place in Cracow in September of 2017. First edition gathered almost fifty organizations from 12 countries – USA, Italy, France, Romania, Belarus, Kenia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Madagascar, Georgia and Poland. Next editions are taking place in a regular biennial basis preceding next editions of Veritatis Splendor Award, which has already been called “The Małopolska Nobel Prize”.

Veritatis Splendor Charity Fair is a continuity of a words of John Paul II, the Greatest Person of Małopolska of all time, who on 18 September 2002 on Cracow Błonia fields called all of us to sacrifice our lives every day to perform charity to other people using the gift of a divine love and to be witnesses of charity in a today world.

Veritatis Splendor Charity Fair it is not only a great opportunity for inhabitants and visitors to see how diverse and complex is charity nowadays. It is alos a great platform to exchange thoughts and experiences between charity organizations – starting with first edition, Charity Fair is accompanied by The International Conference of Veritatis Splendor Award into which the greatest authorities of modern philosophy and moral sciences are involved.

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